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Sedation Dentistry


Have you been putting off years of dental work because the dental office makes you uneasy? Would you like to revamp your smile in a comfortable state of mind?


Dr Maia and Dr Bota are happy to offer sedation dentistry at Dentiste A Laval.

Who can benefit from sedation dentistry?

  • Patients with fear and anxiety regarding dental treatments
  • Patients with gag reflexes
  • Patients with very sensitive teeth and low pain threshold
  • Patients with Limited time to complete dental care or in need of an extensive treatment
  • Children and most special needs patients who cannot cooperate during a normal dental procedure can also benefit greatly from sedation.

Sedation dentistry at Dentiste A Laval is not only powerful, but also empowering. Take charge of your dental health and wait no longer for that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.