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Root Canal Therapy

overview-of-root-canalDo you have an acute and intense toothache? Is your tooth darker than the rest of your teeth? You may need root canal therapy. This procedure is indicated if you are experiencing a localized toothache, prolonged tooth sensitivity, a cracked tooth, swollen gums around a tooth, an abscess or pimple on the gums, or a dark tooth.

State-of-the-art technique and equipment will make your experience at Dentiste A Laval pleasant. With the extensive experience of Dr Bota and Dr Maia, you will find that a root canal treatment is no more unpleasant than a traditional dental filling. Sedation Dentistry options are also available.

Most root canal treatments will be done in one single visit. After the root canal therapy the tooth will remain fragile and brittle and is at risk for fracture. A dental crown or a dental bridge is indicated.

The Procedure
  • The dentist will access your tooth infection and will clean it using vibrations and an antibacterial agent.
  • The dentist will take multiple x-rays during the whole procedure to ensure complete disinfection of the root canal system of your tooth.
  • Once the tooth is clean, the dentist will fill the root canal system with a standard filling material.
  • The dentist will then restore your tooth with a crown or bridge, or temporarily with a filling.