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Porcelain Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is made of fine-grade porcelain, the same material as dental crowns. It is used in the case of missing teeth to bridge the gap between two anchoring teeth.


Dentiste A Laval takes great pride in our state-of-the-art techniques and materials used to make dental bridges. Your results will be very aesthetic, in most cases eliminating the unsightly black line along the gums that we see with most old dental crowns.

The Procedure
  • Your dental bridge will be made in 2 visits.
  • At the first visit the dentist will prepare the teeth to receive the porcelain bridge.
  • The dentist will take several impressions of your teeth.
  • The dentist will cement a temporary bridge on the prepared teeth and will discuss with you the aesthetics of the permanent bridge.
  • At the second visit the dentist will try-in the dental bridge to ensure good fit and aesthetics.
  • The dentist will then cement the permanent bridge using a special long-lasting cement.