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Porcelain Crown

Do you have a cracked tooth? Does your smile need to be revamped? You may be a good candidate for dental crowns. Age, tooth decay, teeth grinding, misaligned bite, crooked teeth and fragile teeth due to root canal therapy may all be indications for dental crowns.

What is a procelain crown? In fact, it’s an exact replica of a tooth. It can copy the look of adjacent teeth, it can be whiter or even be straighter to improve dental aesthetics. Porcelain crowns generally last five to ten years, and can last more than 10 years if they receive proper care.

  • A porcelain crown is the exact replica of a tooth. The crown can be an exact match for the adjacent teeth or can be whiter and straighter to improve aesthetics.
  • The dentists of Dentiste A Laval take great pride in their state-of-the-art technique and materials used to make dental crowns.
The Procedure

Porcelain Crown

  • Two visits must be made to our dental clinic in Laval to make and install dental crowns.
  • The first visit allows your dentist to prepare the teeth that will receive new dental crowns..
  • The dental impressions are then sent to our dental laboratory where the crowns are made.
  • Thereafter, our dentist will place temporary dental crowns on the prepared teeth and will discuss with you about the aesthetics of the permanent dental crowns.
  • At the second visit, permanent dental crowns are tried on and adjusted to your teeth to ensure a good aesthetic.
  • The permanent porcelain crowns are installed with a special cement and using a strong light
Cerec Porcelain Crown – NEW

It’s now possible to install your dental crown immediately within only one appointment with your dentist!

In fact, CEREC technique is a state-of-the-art technology that designs ceramic dental crowns. Since this process is completely computerized, it’s possible for our dentists to design crowns that fit perfectly into your natural dentition in addition to making them very strong.

What is the advantage of a CEREC dental crown?

Firstly, the benefits of the CEREC technique are:

  • fewer visits to the dentist.
  • decrease in time spent at our dental clinic.
  • no need to wear a temporary crown while waiting for permanent dental crowns
  • no need to undergo local anesthesia several times
  • great cosmetic dentistry results

What is CEREC treatment?

The crown treatment with the CEREC technique consists of six simple steps:

  1. The dentist prepares the tooth that will receive the dental crown. This step is performed under local anesthesia for a painless procedure.
  2. Digitizing your tooth using a camera. This step only takes a few seconds.
  3. After this, your digital prints are sent to a computer program that designs the 3D model of your future crown using extremely accurate data.
  4. The model is then sent to a miling chamber that cuts the crown from a ceramic block. This step takes about 30 to 45 minutes.
  5. Once your crown is ready, it is placed in your mouth and firmly put in place by your dentist.
  6. Your dentist will make the last needed adjustments so that your crown feels comfortable in your mouth.

For more information on CEREC dental crowns, make an appointment with one of our experienced dentists at our dental clinic in Laval.

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