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Are you tired of having missing teeth or dentures that do not fit?

Mini dental implants can be the solution for you!

What is a dental mini implant?

The dental mini implant is a smaller version of the standard implant: this is what makes it easier to install on a bony arch absorbed without a bone graft!

Made of titanium, these implants are a good alternative to standard implants. They are more effective when used for stabilizing removable full and partial dentures.

Combined with special fasteners, they form what I call a “SNAP” for anchoring the prosthesis in place. These mini-implants have the advantage of being placed in a single appointment and the patient may even eat immediately after insertion.

Moreover, this treatment is very affordable.

The mini implants are small, made of biocompatible titanium alloy, and are screwed into the bone without the need for an invasive surgical procedure. The immediate loading of implants is often possible in the mandible. The implant head is round and the attachment device contains an O-ring that acts as connection. The O-ring is placed on the head of the implant when the prosthesis is placed, and maintains the prosthesis at a predetermined level of force. If the prosthesis is in place, it gently rests on the gum tissue. Retaining facilities provide vertical flexibility and withstand extreme chewing forces.

Mini-implants: an affordable alternative to all budgets!

Your dentures are unstable but you fear the costs associated with the installation of dental implants? Never mind! There exists today a solution to accommodate a larger number of patients, who want to pay a lesser amount than conventional implants. It is of small diameter implants (mini-implants).

What are mini implants?

Like the standard implants, mini implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth to stabilize your dentures with a minor and rapid response. Specifically, it inserts a small titanium rod in the alveolar bone, which will retain the denture. Given the small size of these implants, they are particularly recommended in subjects with bone is narrower. Generally, we use it to stabilize full dentures to the lower jaw, as bone resorption is very severe. The instability of prostheses creates such discomfort that some wearers even avoid social events. And they rejoice to have an affordable solution to their current problem, inexpensively.

What are the main advantages of mini implants?
  • More affordable than standard implants
  • Very simple surgery, involving only a single appointment
  • Accessible to many patients (despite a severe bone resorption)
  • Slowing bone resorption of the jaw
  • Improving your face in profile, the support of the cheeks and lips.

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