Kids Zone

dental-care-for-kidsDentisteALaval.com focuses on prevention when it comes to children, just like for adults. Good dental hygiene habits from a young age will lead to healthier teeth later on. It is recommended that children visit the dentist for the first time with the arrival of the first tooth.

At this first appointment, we will do an exam and cleaning, as well as review brushing and flossing, but most importantly, this first visit should be fun!

Some helpful tips:

  • Before the appointment read a book or watch a video with your child about visiting the dentist. Talk about it often, in a positive manner.
  • During the first visit, you may remain in the room with your child.
  • It is recommended that the parent brush and floss the teeth of the child until the age of 8 years old.

Sedation dentistry options are also available for your child at DentisteALaval.com.