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DSD-Digital Smile Design

The DSD allows for careful analysis of the patient’s facial and dental characteristics. Any critical factors that may have been overlooked during clinical evaluation procedures are reviewed and taken into account.

The DSD is a multi-use conceptual tool for clarifying the diagnosis, to better react to unforeseen events and to improve communication and enhance predictability throughout treatment.

The drawing of reference lines and shapes over extra- and intraoral digital photographs in a predetermined sequence can widen diagnostic visualization and help the restorative team evaluate the limitations and risk factors of a given case, including asymmetries, disharmonies, and violations of esthetic principles. This improved visualization facilitates the selection of the ideal restoration technique by the dentist.

The DSD protocol is characterized by effective communication between the interdisciplinary dental team, including the dental hygienists. Our team, with our professional dentists, can identify and highlight discrepancies in soft or hard tissue and discuss the best available solutions using the amplified images.

Stages of treatment:

1) Photography + Digital Smile Design: Complete modelling in the computer


2) The patient’s model is placed in their mouth: The DSD protocol and the wax model are intended for clinical adjustment.dsd-2

3) Treatment acceptance: After patient approval, the restorative procedures can be adjusted as necessary. Tooth preparation should be minimally invasive, allowing just enough clearance to create proper space for ceramic restorations.


4) Result and conclusion of the treatment: With guaranteed satisfaction of patients, all of these steps are carried out properly and carefully allowing that final result to surpass the patient’s expectations!