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Porcelain Crown

Do you have a cracked tooth? Does your smile need to be revamped? You may be a good candidate for dental crowns. Age, tooth decay, teeth grinding, misaligned bite, crooked teeth and fragile teeth due to root canal therapy may all be indications for dental crowns.

  • A porcelain crown is the exact replica of a tooth. The crown can be an exact match for the adjacent teeth or can be whiter and straighter to improve aesthetics.
  • The dentists of Dentiste A Laval take great pride in their state-of-the-art technique and materials used to make dental crowns.
The Procedure


  • Your dental crowns will be made in 2 visits.
  • At the first visit the dentist will prepare the teeth to receive the new crowns.
  • The dentist will take several impressions of your teeth.
  • The dentist will cement temporary crowns on the prepared teeth and will discuss with you the aesthetics of the permanent crowns.
  • At the second visit the dentist will try-in the dental crowns to ensure good fit and aesthetics.
  • The dentist will then cement the permanent crowns using a special long-lasting cement.